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Nursing Career and Job Prospects

Nursing Career and Job Prospects

Nursing Career and Job Prospects

What can one say about one of the noblest professions there is. The nursing profession might have gained momentum after the works of the most eminent nurse, Florence Nightingale, came to light but the profession is age old and quite possibly the most dignified. Although some believe that the work in this field is women centric but with time more and more men have ventured into the profession.

Nursing is one of the strongest pillars that the medicine profession stands on. The profession revolves around taking care of people which includes their physical as well as psychological maladies. At a senior level the wok in the nursing department includes managing particular groups of patients from pediatric ward, psychiatric ward, ICU, etc. Apart from that the job revolves around in taking care to the medication of the patients, maintaining patient records, administration, routine work, setting up of medical equipment and so much more. 
The career opportunities in nursing are very high not only in India but also abroad. With more and more nursing colleges opening up each day, it is a sign of the requirement of skilled and qualified people required for the service. Undoubtedly, the career is not for everyone as it asks for a lot of patience and hard work.

Eligibility for Nursing Admission

For admission into Bachelor’s Course, the student needs to have completed their Class XII with Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The duration for a bachelor’s degree is usually three to four years. 
In order to take admission in a Master’s Course, the student needs to have a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. The duration for a Master’s degree is usually two years. 
For admission in a Diploma Course the minimum eligibility is Class 10th or equivalent. This may be a one year or two year course, depending upon the course.
In order to take admission in Ph.D in Nursing the eligibility criteria is the successful completion of Postgraduate Degree in Nursing.

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