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The Institute has well furnished library with modern facilities. We have 100 titles and more than 3000 books. It provides latest and updated reference and course books for A.N.M., G.N.M. . A large number of National & International journals, periodicals, newspaper and magazine has been subscribed. Complete library books can be accounted on computer and its process has been done through computer. Perfect silence must be observed in library hall. The number of books are increasing every year, to meet the demand of students. Library is the place for learning and the institute provide its best. In the library also there is a facility of audio and video CDs for the studens. There is Book's CDs, Presentation CDs, Lecture's CDs and Live demonstration CDs of the activity in the hospitals.  View More Library

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SPM Nursing College is an educational Institution providing quality education to students. SPM Nursing College was established in 2010. Known for its academic excellence in nursing, we empower nursing profession through an integrated education

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